The archive of the community of friars is kept at the Sanctuary of Monte Berico, which includes paper, photographic and iconographic sections.

The ancient archive, which was left behind at the beginning of the nineteenth century, is now in the State Archives of Vicenza. From this collection there are two handwritten topographical inventories, one by p. Antonio Vicentini and the other, more descriptive and analytical but partial, by Fr Graziano Casarotto.

The first reorganization of the ancient archive dates back to the end of the seventeenth century, but it is only at the beginning of the eighteenth century with Fra Benedetto Prina da Como that the papers are equipped with a catastic. Some original documents from the ancient Monte Berico archive have been kept in the convent or recovered over time from other archives. Among these we can point out two bulls of Pope Eugene IV of 1435 and 1443 and a bull of Clement VII of 1525, each with a pendant seal in lead, a privilege of Pope Urban VIII of 1625, the public instrument of 1435, with part of adherent seal, with which the Municipality of Vicenza granted the church and the convent to the Servite friars of Mary, some ducals, parts of the Council of

Hundred of the Municipality of Vicenza, provisions of the episcopal curia, files and various papers containing deeds of possession, jurisdictions, information on the convent and the church, rejects of legacies, various trials and testaments, documentation produced by ancient foundations of the Venetian Province and the Marca Trevisana . To these must be added the Vicentini collection, already inventoried in an analytical way, which includes a collection of original ancient documents on the Convents of Venice and Veneto, a collection of notarial deeds in copy accompanied by transcriptions, and a series of acts of Chapters and Diets Provinciali (Provincia Veneta and Marca Trevisana) in original and in copy, with transcriptions.

Since 1835, the year of the reconstitution of the community after the Napoleonic suppression, the preserved documentation is complete (party books, administrative documents, asset management, correspondence, chronicles and memoirs). Finally, the archive collected the papers of the deceased friars of the convent who died before the reconstitution of the Venetian Province (1922) and lived in the convent.

The archive welcomes scholars who request it for theses and researches relating to the historical events of the Sanctuary and the convent.


RUMOR S., Storia documentata del Santuario di Monte Berico, Vicenza, Officina grafica pontificia S. Giuseppe, 1911, 334-337.

CASAROTTO G. OSM, Giorni e ore sul colle Berico, Vicenza, Convento dei Servi di Maria di Monte Berico, 2011, 185-186.

Opening hours (by appointment only): Thursday, 8-12.30 e 13.30-15.

Telephone: 0444-559450.

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The archive participates in the CEI-Ar Project of the Italian Episcopal Conference and is progressively pouring the descriptive inventories into the Portal BeWeb:

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